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"I used the race for a year including the Olympics !!" 

"My friend gave me a pair of these laces. I put them on and immediately liked them. I've been using these laces for a year, including the Olympics. It's the best product. This product is comfortable to wear. We want our athletes to know that it can make such a big difference in their fit and fit. Many companies are trying to make laces like this. "

Simon Whitfield / 2008 Olympic Triathlon Silver Medalist Canada


"Athletes on my team will appreciate XTENEX's performance in the racing scene."

"I was initially skeptical about how XTENEX works in the mountains and hills, but when I set it up to fit my feet, the race was great. My shoes were great. It was easy to put on and take off, it held my foot firmly, and I even forgot to wear shoes even in harsh conditions.
As a physiotherapist treating many athletes, some of my patients are looking forward to using XTENEX. Athletes like me will appreciate XTENEX's performance in the race.
However, my patients benefit most from the adjustable laces and the ability to change pain and pressure points. Due to its easy and effective adjustment function, XTENEX is the first elastic product recommended for patients with foot pain. "


Charlie Merrill, MSPT / ALTA Physical Therapy


"The best performance I've ever tried!"

"I have to say it's definitely the best racing system I've tried. I won't use anything else anymore. You'll get great reviews. Ocean next weekend. On side 70.3, I always wear it on my shoes.
It's a really great product! "

Brad Culp / Triathlete Magazine editorial department


"My child is no longer stumbling because of his shoelaces!"

"I can't believe that something as small as a shoelace can make such a big difference in my life. I don't have to keep my 4-year-old daughter's shoes tied all day long. She can put on her own shoes. It's functional and fun, and I'm happy that it reduces the burden on my time and hips. It's functional and fun, and it reduces the burden on my time and hips! In addition, the kids have shoelaces. I no longer stumble on it. "

Dina Kemp


"My son needs special help and this lace will be a breakthrough for him."

I just chatted with a customer service person who was asking "Why is my order coming from Seattle?"  This was in a flyer for a local magazine published in the Sunday edition of The Seattle Times.

"My son needs special help, but this lace will be a breakthrough for him. He will be able to wear regular shoes and look for velcro shoes. No need. Thank you very much. "

Beth Shanaman / Dietitian, Registered Dietitian

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