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Q & A

Q. Which size and standard should I buy?

A.Xtenex laces come in multiple standards and sizes. Depending on the number of holes and the type of shoes, in most cases the 75 cm length is best for adult shoes and the 50 cm length is best for children's shoes.

Q. Which standard should I choose?

A. X standards such as X200 and X300 are used by people who seek the best performance when exercising.

It's highly elastic and requires the lace to be stretched and folded for installation and adjustment, so it won't slip off easily.

The XH200 standard is a common strap for everyday use and is recommended for most customers. The knot is small and tapered, making it easy to install and adjust.

The XF200 standard is ideal for dress shoes, leather shoes and other shoes where you don't want the laces to stand out.

Q. Please tell me how to tie

A.​​ Please try the following procedure.

  1. Adjust so that the length from the shoe hole of the shoelace is the same when it is passed through the left and right shoe holes at the bottom.

  2. In the same way, pass the shoelace from the shoe hole below so that there are about 5 or 6 balls between the holes.

  3. At first, loosen it as a whole. Finally, try it on and adjust it so that it doesn't fit your senses too much.


* If you don't know how to tie shoelaces, search for "How to lace Xtenex Laces" for a video, so please refer to it.

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