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World patented non-tied laces

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Companies with great imagination and technology have developed athletic shoes to improve performance and design. However, it is rare to pay attention to the laces.

  Now is the time to upgrade to something special with Xtenex laces.


General laces do not maximize your athletic performance

A person's athletic performance is greatly influenced by the comfort of shoes during sports.

Create a unique fit


Fit your shoes to your feet


Each " hump " allows you to adjust the fit and feel of your shoe between each set of shoe holes, with the adjustment point between the shoe holes.

You can put on and take off your athletic shoes smoothly.

Once installed, you're done. Unlike other elastic cords that slip and unravel all day long, XTENEX maintains its position and tension. Eliminate the hassle and workouts all day long without worry.

Can reduce fatigue


Provides reliability, support and comfort to your feet all day long.

XTENEX's compressive elasticity reduces fatigue while increasing performance and comfort during exercise. 

Easy to adjust


Each " hump " allows you to tighten or loosen the laces, so all you have to do is pull the XTENEX through the shoe holes to find the one that works best for you.

Comfortable fit


XTENEX creates a unique fit by threading the laces from the shoe hole to the shoe hole at appropriate intervals so that the top of the shoe fits the shape of your foot .

Stretch the rubber to adjust the fit


XTENEX has a rubber core that expands to fit your foot. It fits comfortably even if you wear shoes all day long.

Unique solution to problems that occur during exercise

XTENEX technology

XTENEX is a world-patented stretchable laces designed to improve fit and performance for everyone who uses athletic shoes.


Procreate Shoe.png

Traditional shoelaces are outdated.

It's time to stop tying and stepping on.

XTENEX laces break through that situation. Not only is the XTENEX shoelace a product that doesn't really have to be tied, but its high performance makes it a cult favorite all over the world.


The one-of-a-kind XTENEX laces match your shoes to your feet with their unique design. Even if there are counterfeit products, none have the same level of functionality as the original XTENEX.

The key to XTENEX is the rubber core and precise weave. This combination creates a unique lace that is designed for comfort during life and exercise.  

Make a bump by knitting. The bumps are larger than the shoe holes, so they won't slip through. Each bump has an adjustment point that fits snugly on your foot by attaching it from the shoe hole to the shoe hole.

When adjusting, stretch both laces to eliminate bumps and allow the shoes to pass through.

When you release the laces, you will get bumps again.

Casual sneakers

Performance footwear

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