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XH200 Series-Shoe laces for athletes who don't want to be radical


The XH200 series has a thin, circular design that self-forms and is designed for those who do not want to be radical.
This design is easier to install and adjust than the X-series and can be pulled in one direction to eliminate the ball.


The XH200 series is compatible with shoe hole diameter sizes (2.5 to 3.5 mm). Depending on the diameter of the shoe hole, you may need to tie square knots at both ends of this lace to prevent the holes from passing through. However, you don't have to remove the knot to put on and take off your shoes. By narrowing the knot, you can maintain a comfortable fit.


The installation method of the XTENEX series is as follows.

Stretch the laces through the shoe holes (which reduces the size of the knots), select the desired number of knots between the shoe holes, and set them apart. Repeat this process between each shoe hole to fit.


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